In the Hamburg Upcycling Manufaktur, new techniques meet old materials

Creatively sustainable and fair.

This is how we create products from wallets made from tape cassettes to
hair ties from old clothes to bags made from advertising banners
and many many more.

During production we are gladly supported by local workshops that support employees with handicaps or reintegration into work.

There, too, the unique items are handcrafted with the maximum care.

We have a high quality standard for the reuse of materials.
Where we use newly produced materials, we pay attention to sustainability and fairness in the production conditions.

You can find our products in the online store at the Hamburg Upcycling Market and here:

Fachl Altona

Bahrenfelder Str.79

 22765 Hamburg

All my friends

Schanzenstraße 46

20357 Hamburg

Söhne & Töchter

Hohenesch 43

20357 Hamburg

s`Fachl Kiel

Alter Markt 7


‘s Fachl Karlsruhe

Ritterstraße 3

76133 Karlsruhe

‘s Fachl Konstanz

Münzgasse 10

78462 Konstanz

‘s Fachl Augsburg

Am Perlachberg 5

86150 Augsburg

‘s Fachl Recklinghausen

Große Geldstr. 17

45657 Recklinghausen